Property videos help to increase sales!

People prefer to watch property videos and walk-throughs rather than read property details

It’s a known fact that having video on websites makes it 53% more likely that your website will show up on the first page of Google search. It’s also a known fact that customers who look at videos of products and services are 85% more likely to make a purchase than those who don’t!

Filming property with UAV (drones)

Using radio controlled drone aircraft we can supply superb quality images and video to help sell or rent your private or commercial properties.

Property development by Cambridgeshire architectural practice

Aerial property video of four bedroom bungalow, Cambridgeshire

Home extension by Cambridgeshire architectural practice

Aerial property video of windmill conversion in West Cambridgeshire, UK

Aerial property video of five bedroom cottage, Cambridgeshire

Aerial property video of new-build bungalow, Cambridgeshire

Aerial video showreel

Property videos save you time and money

From your customer’s point of view, seeing a video of the property that they are interested in buying brings the experience to life. They are able to walk through their ‘new home’ instead of trying to imagine the flow of rooms and features. If the property isn’t for them they’ll know in an instance – and you’ll save time and resources which can be spent on another valuable customer.

But if the property feels right then the video will have helped your customer to feel familiar with the surroundings when they do view the property – and make your job of selling the benefits a whole lot easier.

Many estate agents, letting agents, builders and developers now rely heavily on the initial video to help improve the quality of inquiries from already interested customers.

Property videos for hotels, guest houses and holiday properties.

Bring the holiday experience to life by showing your location at its very best. A holiday property video is the ideal way of showing your potential customers the quality of your accommodation and the range of services you offer. A hotel or guest house can benefit from not just a property walk through but also by introducing the staff, showing the location and surrounding area and giving a brief overview of local facilities or attractions.

Property videos for shops, markets and retail outlets.

Shops, markets and retail outlets find video an essential component to their website in showing the size of the property, the range of products on offer and imparting the character and ethos of the company – something that is hard to demonstrate just through words and photos.

Property videos for schools, churches, community centres, doctors surgeries and hospitals.

What better way to reach out to your audience and invite them to join in with community activities – be it church, school, community centre, sports centres or gym. Doctor’s surgeries find that a property video of the surgery and layout, reception areas, parking etc. particularly useful in helping people that may find a trip to the surgery or hospital daunting.

Property videos are helpful for your business.

Property video projects

Our walk through property videos help to:

  • Engage your customer
  • Inform your customer
  • Improve the quality of your leads
  • Detail key amenities in the area
  • Brand your company as a market leader
  • Save you time by ensuring you receive positive enquiries to view

Property videos bring your sales and rental properties to lifeProperty videos bring your sales and rental properties to life

How much do property videos cost?

Costs vary according to location and complexity required. Property videos cover a wide range of sizes/styles/complexity but to give you some idea we offer the following packages. This can always be tailored to your company’s specific requirements.

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Property Video Package


The package includes:

  • One 1–2 minute property video shot in HD.
  • Approx. 2 hour shoot of the property.
  • Video of exterior and inside of property, all rooms.
  • Professional voice over explaining the features (if required).
  • Background music (if required).
  • Text based price details, bedroom numbers & other details included at end of video.
  • Company branding or property name including contact details.
  • Embedding support.

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Discounts are applied if more than one property video is required.

Photo Slideshow Video Package


You provide us with photographs which we intersperse with transitions to produce a video/slideshow. We add corporate branding, titling, annotations etc. We can add background music if required.

The package includes:

  • One approx. 2 minute video/slideshow
  • Intersperse slideshow of supplied photos
  • Company corporate branding including contact details
  • Background music
  • Text-based price/other details, if required
  • Embedding support.

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