Product videos – eliminate the guesswork

Selling product online calls for far more than just offering a better price than your competitors. Video provides a richer experience for your potential purchaser, keeps them on your site for longer and offers the opportunity for your product to sparkle – all leading to increased sales. A different slant that can help your product stand out from the crowd.

Product video for Kinetic Barn

Product videos and ‘Explainer’ videos

We’ve heard many business people say that email is great but you can’t beat meeting a person face-to-face to sell your product. And that’s mainly because people gain a better understanding of a product once they see and hear someone explain it. Product videos have a new name – explainer videos – and that’s precisely why they are so much help in making a sale when you’re not able to meet that individual person face-to-face. An explainer video helps you to make a connection with your potential customer by explaining what your business can do for them and why they should choose your product over your competitors.

Girl watching product videosProduct videos show how your products really look

Product videos – What are the advantages of product videos on your website?

  • You can communicate a lot of information in a few seconds
  • Product videos remove the guesswork about how your product functions
  • Product videos show how your products really look – live in 3D
  • No need for expensive diagrams – they can see it work for themselves
  • Your product may be similar to your competitors – but your brand personality won’t be
  • Highlight how you are different
  • Viewers would rather watch and listen than read an explanation of its usefulness
  • Inform your customer about your product in a relaxed and believable manner
  • Highlight particular features and benefits
  • Strongly brand your company as a market leader
  • Remember that people buy from people

Humour helps you sell

Injecting some humour isn’t an absolute ‘no, no’ either. The purpose of having product videos is not only to make your potential purchaser part with their money but also to leave your website feeling good about your company – tell their friends and colleagues and think about your company for their next purchase, not your competitors.

Recent Product Videos

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