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Event video for SSBP at Huntingdonshire Business Fair

Any event, whether your company is organising a corporate day out or taking part in an exhibition, takes a considerable amount of time and cost to organise. You can use video in a number of ways to reap extra value out of this time and outlay by having a professionally produced video made of the occasion. The HD video with interviews, voice over, background music and titling will project your company in a very open, friendly and favourable light – and as one that really means business.

Why video the event?

Magnify the impact of your next event with our event video production services. We create event videos which make your conference, publicity event, award ceremony or convention look fantastic.

  • Show that your company is aware of current trends and is very much at the forefront of what’s going on
  • Show you’re an approachable company – hear your MD and staff talking in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere
  • Excellent for PR – send the nicely packaged video to customers who attended and send a link to your entire customer base
  • Event video provides an entertaining corporate introduction for visitors waiting in your reception area
  • The video can be used as part of corporate presentations to new clients
  • Event video is excellent for adding interest to your website – and for SEO
  • The highlight is on your products and services
  • Your brand personality can really shine

Event video production – corporate training

In addition to recording the event and using the resulting video for marketing purposes, studying the footage can help your company to see what you are doing right and what needs improving. Does your exhibition stand look good besides your competitors? Do your staff present a consistent, lively and coherent sales team?

Why not video your corporate training day? Video can provide a fun reminder of the day and also a serious learning experience to help improve your sales leads for next time.

Event video productionVideo your corporate training day

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