Catalyst Video Services provide CAA approved, fully insured aerial photography services for businesses across the South East of England. 

Drone aerial photography is much more affordable than hiring a light aircraft or helicopter to carry out work and it can be deployed much more quickly. We provide high quality, high dynamic range (HDR) photos or fully edited videos, uploaded to your YouTube or Vimeo channel without fuss.

How can this help your business?

  1. At times size is important and it can be a huge challenge to accurately and impressively impart the actual scale of your operation to your potential customer. Aerial photography and video are able to demonstrate the size and scale of business premises with ease – be it factory facility, office complex, parks and zoo layout for visitors, hotel and grounds etc.
  2. You may wish to highlight the location of your premises in relation to major motorways or access points. This is important for exhibitions, conference centres, hotels and leisure centres that will be attracting large volumes of traffic.
  3. You may wish to highlight the interesting features of your premises. Aerial photography for business gives you a wonderful opportunity to show off your company from a unique perspective. Adding an extra element of interest to your website or brochure can help to give you the edge over your competitors.  
  4. Drones can fly in any direction and get much closer to the action, enabling them to capture footage from the very best angles that would often be inaccessible for a photographer using a helicopter or a mast camera.
  5. Drones can fly close to buildings and close to livestock in farms or in zoo parks and they are not limited to outdoor use – drones can be flown indoors to demonstrate large pieces of equipment in action, enabling a unique way of demonstrating equipment to aid your sales team working in the global sales market.
  6. We all have a duty to help our planet by becoming more environmentally friendly. Battery-powered drones emit zero carbon emissions. If your business is environmentally aware then aerial photography for business by drone is the sound choice to make.  

Why use a professional, CAA approved drone pilot?

  1. For safety – there are strict regulations regarding the commercial use of unmanned aircraft for aerial photography. We have permission from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to carry out commercial aerial work in the UK. 
  2. For peace of mind – Catalyst Video Services are fully insured with specialist UAS insurance provider Coverdrone.
  3. For high quality – photos and video are shot in RAW and HDR and fully edited to give stunning results. 

Aerial photography of new office complex development

Leisure facility marketing photos

Catalyst Video Services have provided marketing and promotional photographs for a range of businesses in the leisure industry.

Office and factory aerial marketing photos

Recent Catalyst Video Services projects

Recent projects include aerial shots of storage silo removal and installation, interior shots of large scale engineering projects for food machinery manufacturer, factory and facility buildings, new business premises and farming operations for the National Trust Film Unit.

Aerial photography of farming operations

Indoor factory drone shots

Catalyst not only fly outdoors! We have provided photographs and video of indoor factory installations and new machinery – all taken safely and within regulations.

Silo removal and installation

Land development area alongside new A14

Aerial photographs taken of potential development area for a Cambridgeshire architectural practice. Read more about aerial photography for developers

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