Agricultural aerial photography and video

Catalyst Video Services has over five years experience providing agricultural aerial photography and video in and around Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire.

Stunning high-resolution aerial photographs for marketing

Equipped with a high definition camera, we can fly up to 120m high and up to 500m distance whilst following the strict regulations imposed by the CAA. Catalyst are fully approved and insured for aerial work.

Once airborne we can follow farm machinery across fields and capture stunning HD images in RAW format that can be viewed and selected as soon as the drone has landed. Once back at the studio the images are downloaded and processed using professional Adobe software to provide our customers with breath-taking images of crops and equipment.

Dynamic video content – grab your customers attention!

With years of experience of flying drones for the local farming community, Catalyst has gained significant expertise in the flying and capturing of dynamic video shots around farming machinery and operations. Footage can be supplied in RAW format or can be edited in-house in our professional editing suite to produce spectacular marketing and informational videos. Further options include the addition of background music, voice-over, corporate branding and dynamic captions.

Land surveys – keeping an eye on progress

Seeing agricultural fields from an aerial perspective is very useful to the agricultural community in terms of getting a really comprehensive overview of the quality of the soil regarding erosion before planting, how crops are progressing during the growth stages – and also how the neighbours crops are doing!

Regular aerial video and photographic records taken during the planting and growing season will keep the farm management up to date very quickly with exactly what is happening right across the extent of the fields, noticing differences or problems that may need addressing to ensure a good strong harvest.

Agricultural aerial photography gallery

Agricultural aerial photography commissioned by the National Trust Video Unit

Catalyst Video Services was commissioned by the National Trust Film Unit to provide aerial video footage for a series of short marketing films to promote their organically grown baking products. Read more about the project.

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